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Volkswagen Nylon Drain Plug and Tool Set (9 Circle 9CL-60680)

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9 Circle 9CL-60680

  • Nylon drain plugs used on recent Volkswagen and Audi.
  • Drain plugs should be changed each time after oil change
  • Tool for removal of Drain plug is included
For car listed below:
Audi A1 2014-2018
Audi A3 2012-2018
Audi A4 2007-2015
Audi A6 2010-2018
Audi Q3 2015-2017
Audi TT 2014-2018
Volkswagen Beetle 2011-2017
Volkswagen Golf 2012-2017
Volkswagen Passat 2014-2017
Volkswagen Polo 2010-2017
Volkswagen Tiguan 2016-2017