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H7 2pcs MR3 LED Headlight Bulbs

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H7 MR3 LED Bulb (Pair)

2PCS AKAS MR3 9006 70W 7000LM LED Car Headlights Bulbs - 2 X LED Headlight Bulbs - Car Headlights


1. Focus beam make headlight brighter
Using high efficient, high display not flash LED chips, brighter than original lamps 2-4 times.
2. High far range
Thickness of copper core better focus in the headlamp, focus on creating further distance and clear objects.
3. New star of future energy saving
IP67 waterproof and weatherproof , > 10,000 hours of long life-span, 60% energy saving than lamps.
4. Mini body size better for installation
Built-in driver and high speed fan, all in one aluminum profile, just plug and play, retrofitting lens will be better.
5. 90 Days Warranty

1. Please check the LED base type and size of your vehicle to confirm if the item will fit it.
2. As a safety precaution, make sure the car has had time to cool down properly before starting the installation process.
3. If canbus wiring system show signs of problems warning error on the dash board: bulbs failure, flickering, customers may
require one warning/error canceling load resistor/decoder to bypass the error message.
4. Only H4/H13/9004/9007 has Hi/Lo dual beam, other has only single beam.

Package Included:
2 X LED Headlight Bulbs